बुधवार, 4 मार्च 2009

४ मार्च

Cricket on the specter of terror
- Pakistan's Taliban had dug the pitch
- A few days left of democracy in Pakistan
- Military dictator then prepare the ground अरे
- Pakistan cricket team's role suspected

(Limty Khare)

Tuesday, March 3, and cricket fans around the world in the eyes of Black Tuesday in the name of it will go। A year from international cricket for Pakistan in Sri Lanka are craving something, feeling sorry your visit was made, he went to Pakistan terror। Surprisingly, it is gross that any head of state security as the Sri Lankan cricket team in spite of providing them with just the Gaddafi Stadium was being taken, he was not bullet proof। On Monday, the team's intelligence information on terrorist attacks, Pakistan was able to get। This change in the way of the team was। After all that if terrorists succeeded in their intentions, then it is not easy to digest। Pakistan cricket team in the whole development to a large extent the role of a suspect can be said। Pakistan cricket coach Intkhab Alam, according to both teams in the morning at 8 past 40 minutes with a different bus had set off the stadium। Pakistan captain Yunus and his team some time to be late departure from the hotel. This question in the minds of people that Yunus is right up to the accident and before any information had been warned? Fun, the liberty of the square was about half an hour after the fire was not fencing the area. And even on normal days as the square of the police constable did not even look. After such a big event if terrorists managed to escape from the spot, then certainly the government of a mechanism involved in this whole matter can be said. The Sri Lankan cricket team on militants Marin not only bullets but also from the rocket launcher and grenade attacks. They are half an hour done this and Pakistan's intelligence or security agencies to the wind of it did not. Sure seems strange to hear, but what was the reality on Tuesday, just 35 kilometers away from India to Pakistan at Lahore's liberty square. Events in Sri Lanka, the whole team taking the bus driver Mohammad khalil however will be less to praise. Care about their lives without the khalil the bus, taking a fast decision on a secure base for the Sri Lankan team brought him thank them have done. Government of Pakistan should also fearless bus driver like the country's highest award, because if any major untoward incident in Pakistan around the world are not fit to be left to show his face, as it is now Pakistan's position on a global level bad can be said. Pakistan cricket in the shadow of terrorism on an almost decade-old story can be told. September 2001 in 9 / 11 attack in the U.S. after a visit to Pakistan Nugelend was canceled. In addition, the West Indies and Australia set to match Pakistan's Srjhmin place in Colombo and Srjah were made. Karachi Sheraton Hotel in May 2002 out of the bomb after his Nugelend Pak tour was canceled in the middle. Benazir Bhutto's assassination in December 2007 after his Pakistan visit Australia in 2008 was canceled. Long trapped in the clutches of terrorism in India by play lovers responsible for relationships with Pakistan to end the game has been talked about. However in Pakistan, Sri Lanka cricket team with what has happened and condemned it bad to say just will not work. Now the time has come for all countries of the world to see terrorism in Pakistan, the end of the fruit of the flower together and to take any steps.

Who is most powerful in the Congress youth!
-Rahul Gandhi, instead of Knishk Singh Ganesh circle is
-Knishk of three days of hospitality accepted by राहुल

(Limty Khare)

New Delhi. All India Congress Committee's national office at 24 Akbar Road these days, the party's most powerful kind of like a youth with general discussions have started। Rahul Gandhi, the Congress on the future of the Prime Minister's office to handle the Knishk Singh as saying Tuti, as former Prime Minister Late। Vicente in the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi was said to George। kanishk son of Rajasthan Governor SK Singh, not only handle the workload of the office, they program their minute to minute are set। Even being told that Rahul Gandhi, Singh Knishk without the advice of not taking a step। Assembly elections in November in even more than the crowd Knishk Singh used the circle। Claimants in the present Lok Sabha is the only Sean। Of young people crowd around the sight Knishk Singh is coming। Rahul Gandhi Knishk the value of what their impact is kept in the view few days back in Jaipur, Knishk Singh's brother's wedding got to see। Congress of the Crown Prince completed by February 19 to 21, three days in Rajasthan pillar of hospitality accepted sir. Not only that every wedding ceremony, he took part, even in the procession wearing Safa राहुल Gandhi walking away.
राहुल Gandhi's privacy in view of the pillar Sir Jaipur, Kota, Sirohi, Jlvadh, Nrsinhgdh, Jodhpur, etc., including the family of former maharajas had invited only a few politicians

Cg in Congress now meeting on 6
- Tli meeting on Tuesday
(Limty Khare)
New Delhi. In Chhattisgarh, the Congress's top leaders in the struggle to make co-ordination has to do. Get an opinion on Tuesday to become candidates in the selection of the call was related to the screening meeting for Friday has been postponed. Secretary-General in charge of Chhattisgarh Narayan Sami said sources close to senior Congress leader and Union Minister of Defense of the Semitic sentiments of the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to make Avgt It has urged the Chhattisgarh Pradesh Election Committee and a meeting of screening committee day to call, so that selection of candidates may be dealt soon. The selection of candidates in Chhattisgarh for the Lok Sabha before the Congress a big jug already visible is dissatisfied. Pradesh Election Committee's last meeting was different in most discussions of the Congress say that after this time then the selection process of candidates to be limpid Z is less than expected. According to the dissidents, this time by the large and influential leaders on their favorite to get the tickets will be successful again and able candidate to win and always will be the same looking to the face. However, in a meeting held on 6 March Pradesh Election Committee and a member of both the screening committee will be. - The hero's name comes from the equation spoiled Cg Pradesh Congress Committee president Dnendra Sahu Rajesh Raipur Loksb seat for the hero's name has further increased Gdbra equation. For this seat former minister Satya Narayan Sharma, Paras Chaupdha, Cg Motilal Sahu Sahu, chairman of the society and of Mohammed Akbar is already strong claims.